3:00 PM-5:00 PM
*Sunday Pickup Fee Applies

7:30-11:00 AM & 2:00-6:00 PM
*Afternoon Pickup Fee Applies

8:30 AM-12:00 PM

Boarding Pricing
*Prices are subject to change without notice

Luxury Suite Pricing

WeightPrice Per Night
1-25 lb$44.00
26-49 lb$46.00
50-99 lb$48.00
100 lb +$51.00

Standard Room Pricing

WeightPrice Per Night
1-25 lb$33.00
26-49 lb$35.00
50-99 lb$37.00
100 lb +$39.00

*Any additional pet in the room receives a $3 off per night, per pet*

Doggy Daycare Packages   
½ Day   
Full Day   
5 Day Package   
10 Day Package   
20 Day Package   

Additional Services

15 Min Playtime$10
15 Min Walk$10
15 Min Facetime$10
Peanut butter Cookie Kong$3
House Food$3 + tax per day
Flea & Tick Preventative$8.50 + tax per pet

Bathing Services

Exit BathBased on weight & hair length
Full GroomBased on weight & hair length
Nail Trim$15 +
Nail Grind
*must be purchased with nail trim

Additional Fees and Discounts

  • Pickup after our morning hours will include a $20 pickup fee. On Sundays there is no morning pickup so it is automatic on Sunday pickups.
  • "Escape Artist Fee"- One who can climb/scale a fence; a $ 15.00 per day fee is added to your daily boarding fee for special handling of your pet.

  • ACTIVE MILITARY: 10% off of boarding with presentation of Active Military ID (Cannot be combined with any other additional discounts.)
  • FIRST RESPONDER'S: 10% Off boarding for Police and Firefighters (Cannot be combined with any other additional discounts.)

Cat Boarding Pricing

One Cat Condo$23
*Only one cat per condo allowed


Afternoon Pickup Fee

The afternoon pickup fee is $20 per room. We are just like a hotel. If we do not get the room cleaned in the morning, we cannot use the room that night. Instead of charging for an entire night stay like at a hotel we charge $20 which is the same as the daycare fee.

Afternoon pickup fee for dogs is $20 per room

Afternoon Pickup fee for cats is $10.00

Sunday pickup includes the $20 per room pickup fee.

Sunday Pickup fee for cats is $10.00

*Some Restrictions May Apply*

There is a 3% fee on all credit card transactions