Teach Your Pet Better Behavior

Teach Your Pet Better Behavior

Turn to us for comprehensive dog training in Temple, TX

Imagine being able to truly communicate with your dog.

Not only would your life be better, but, more importantly, so would your pet's. In fact, your dog wants you to give them direction. By understanding what you want, they'll be able to live without the anxiety and stress that many untrained dogs experience. Your leadership will make them a calm, relaxed, and happy dog-and that will make you a happy dog owner.

Our training system is a rapid, transferable skill set-you don't have to be an expert to sustain the training. There is no problem too big or small. We work with dogs of all ages, from puppy through adult, and all sizes, from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Almost Home Pet Resort uses the best, most innovative training methods available. Whether you're looking to break bad habits or instill new skills, we will work with you and your dog to provide guaranteed training results.

Our training is individualized to suit your needs and the needs of your dog. A free evaluation at our facility allows us to meet your pet in a controlled environment and discuss your goals in detail while getting to know your dog. After the evaluation is complete, recommendations for a program will be made.


Our Board & Train package is a two-week stay for your dog at Almost Home Pet Resort. During your dog’s stay, things we can work on while they are here:

• common commands
• Pulling while on walks
• how to stay off the furniture
• how to refrain from barking at the doorbell and/or a knock at the door
• how to refrain from barking at or jumping on house guests
• how to maintain good “manners” around other animals
• any other training goals specific to your dog’s needs

We teach and recommend crate training as a way to give both you and your dog some space in your home. Dogs enjoy “denning,” and properly trained pets will naturally head to their crates for sleeping and relaxing—no more fights to get your dog into a crate!
When you pick up your dog at the end of the two weeks, you will receive a 1-hour private training session to go over everything your dog has learned. You also have the option of a 1-hour session within a month of pickup if you feel a refresher is needed.

One-on-one personal training package
If you prefer to train with your dog, we offer one-on-one personal training catered to your and your pet’s needs. Conducted once a week at Almost Home Pet Resort, this type of training allows you to learn, first-hand, how to work with your dog for maximum success.  In between sessions, you will be provided with homework to reinforce training throughout the week.

Almost Home Pet Resort has the facilities, time, and commitment to your dog’s success and happiness that ensure lasting good results. In addition, our dedication is to both you and your pet, and we aim to create the kind of long-term, loving, low-stress relationship that exists between a properly trained pet and a happy pet owner.

Our goal is to help you achieve complete confidence with your canine companion.

Almost Home Pet Resort focuses first and foremost on creating clear, easily understood boundaries for your dog. Simple commands and consistent instruction will allow your dog to confidently and happily understand their place as part of your family.

To accomplish this, we use a method that incorporates both a remote training collar and verbal command training. We begin on-leash and gradually progress to off-leash training as your dog learns new skills and corrects bad habits. The remote training collar allows for immediate, non-verbal feedback and, when overlaid with verbal commands, results in a comprehensive training system with proven results.