We believe in deluxe accommodations for our guests.

Luxury Dog and Cat Boarding In Temple, TX


For Dogs:
We have 48 Deluxe indoor/outdoor suites that have brand new air conditioning and heat to keep your pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Each room consists of a 4 x 5 indoor area with doggy doors leading out to your pets own 4 x 12 patio and grassy yard.

Luxury Suites
In our luxury suites building we have 8 - 6' x 12' rooms with doggy doors leading out to your pets own covered 6' x 8' patio and 6' x 35' grassy yard. Also comes with raised beds.
*We also have a larger room, 8' x 12', if you have more than one dog.

For Cats:

Cats located in the Comfy Kitty condos can enjoy the bird's-eye view from the full-scale window, or engage in more playful activities within their own sitting area. Cats are allowed out individually but can be teamed up with other feline household family members if desired.


Outdoors, our 3 acre park-like grounds feature 19 large playgrounds with plenty of toys to stay busy. Guests who seek a less social environment due to certain health restrictions, or just plain prefer a less active lifestyle will find comfort in our designated quiet rooms. Be assured that whatever your pet requires, we will be glad to accommodate accordingly.



Our menu features Purina One Veterinary Diet. Our dining staff will gladly serve special requests provided they are prepared in individually portioned meal packages. We recommend that you bring in your own pet's food so that way they can maintain the same diet that they are accustomed to. By switching their food suddenly, it may cause them to develop an upset stomach and not allow them to enjoy their time here with us.

Does your pet have special requests? If so, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!



Our pet resort offers full-service dog and cat grooming in our spa. We specialize in basic baths and premium baths. The spa books up fast and reservations are always recommended.
If a minor clean-up is needed, our staff will be happy to provide a bath and brush prior to departing.


In addition to overnight accommodations, we offer a safe, fun pet daycare environment. It's a great option to consider if you have plans for a day trip, a busy work day, or if you just want to socialize your pets.