• This place is great! We are a military family and out of all the places Toby, my basset hound, has stayed at this has been his most favorite. Just knowing that the owner's live on the premises is a huge relief which also means they don't get "put to bed" until later in the evening rather than when the business closes for the day. When we first moved to Texas, I asked if I could come by and see the place before boarding Toby and they were more than willing to let us. Each pup has his/her own in and out area and a few times a day they get to run around in a bigger area as well. I was also having some trouble finding a good vet and they referred me to the vet they use which was a HUGE help and made me feel even more at ease that if anything happened while he was there he was going to be taken care of by the vet that knows him. If you live in the Killeen/Fort Hood area it's totally worth the 30 minute drive to Temple to make sure that your fur kiddos are taken care of and loved while you are away!
    Keeperduck001 April 2014
    I am TERRIFIED to leave my two babies. But, after having done two-day care "trials" with Almost Home I have no doubt they will be ok. They are not going to understand why they were all of a sudden spending a week away from me and our home but the staff assures me that my babies WILL BE CHECKED ON TWO OR THREE times per hour. They are in their own private space, safe from predators and other dogs. I am a huge worry wart when it comes to my pups and as they say "I'd go postal" if anyone hurt them in any way. They will be in good hands at Almost Home. Having met a few of the staff they are friendly and seemingly concerned with the welfare of all the animals trusted into their custody. I would recommend them to any of my pet owning friends.
    Thomas W March 2014
  • If you want to use a kennel where your pet is totally spoiled, you might want to try Almost Home Pet Resort. Our dogs can hardly wait to get into the building when we leave them for vacations etc. Dave and Jay, the owners, are very particular about updated shot records and the flea and tick protection. As a pet owner that means a LOT. They are good about letting you know if any upcoming kenneling will require updated shots. The kennel is kept very clean and there is plenty of space for your pets to run and get some outdoor time. If medication is required, they are happy to comply. We like to use the 'casitas' for our dogs' stay. These are air conditioned, which is what our pets are used to at our home. These quarters have their own covered porch and run accessible by the pets all day long. With two dogs, they are happy to let them share a room. We like that the pets are kept inside during any inclement weather conditions or temperature extremes, giving them some short breaks for doing their 'business' outside. I always feel welcome when we arrive and enjoy hearing how our pets fared. You can tell the staff really pays attention to your pet when they laugh or talk about certain nuances your pet exhibits, that only a pet owner would know. There is an apartment above the office that is rented to associates that tend to the dogs after hours, so there is always someone there in case of any emergency. The prices are more than most of the conventional kennels, but if you like your pets to have a little more freedom getting outside, clean facilities, 24/7 attendance, protection from other pets that have fleas, etc, AHPR is great for spoiling your animals while you are out of town. We like that our dogs can be groomed before we pick them up. Carey is good with them and they always smell good. The 'day care' option is nice and we have used that often when our day away lasts longer than normal. So, for being an ex-reluctant pet owner who now spoils the heck out of the little critters, I would highly recommend using AHPR. Jay and Dave are the best. Their staff is always friendly and helpful.
    Mary C February 2014
    I started taking my dog, Charlie, to Almost Home Pet Resort almost two years ago and have had such great experiences. They are always excited to see Charlie and they treat him with love and adoration. Charlie is now trained that when his blanket and toy are packed, he knows exactly where he is headed - at that time he is jumping up and turning circles and heads directly to the car in happiness and excitement! Thank you for taking care of my Charlie while I'm away! :-)
    Leslie W October 2013